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Finally had the chance to fly out of Manila for a vacation.

Went to Boracay for the first time, and I must say, the two unpaid leaves I took are worth it.


And I had the time of my life taking these photos.

I always say this, and I will never get tired from saying this: I love sunsets.


The way the sun sets so gracefully, the play of colors in the sky, the comforting warmth from the setting sun, the charm of the city (or in this case, the beach) bathed in cozy ambience. And this time, I got to witness everything with the sound of the waves kissing the shore.

Magical weekend. I can’t wait to come back. Hopefully next time, I’d get to do it alone.

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An introvert’s weekend

As I write this post, my introvert self is half regretting and half glad of how I spent this month’s last weekend.

Started the day buying cake for Miss Jo’s post birthday celebration. Then we headed to Binangonan for lunch and merienda. A lot, and I mean A LOT, of eating happened. We started at 12noon and finished at around 5pm. The only break we got from eating were probably when we were taking photos and playing cards.


We had so much fun we decided to have a photoshoot on the balcony (activities I rarely participate to)


So that afternoon was spent in Miss Jo’s backyard, just purely having fun. But it didn’t stop there! (by this time my introvertedness is a bit kicking in already)

We went to the debut of Sir Jojo’s daughter. Well, debuts have a special place in my black heart as I never got to have one (mainly because I didn’t really want to) and it’s fun watching the debutant have a blast with family and friends.

So, dinner meant buffet-style dinner.

And what else would you do in an 18th birthday party? You rape the PHOTO BOOTH.


And you find that ~wall~ to take pictures of yourself for your next profile picture on Facebook (pleads guilty to doing this haha)

After this party, we went to Cainta for the sleepover. (so tired already at this point. was barely talking na)

Finally got to have some proper drinks after how many weeks. Slept at 3am (Sunday) and woke up at 7am (same day 😦 )

But, I had fun. I think I’ll do all these again after 6 months. I need to recharge.

I can’t be more grateful of this Sunday afternoon – me in my room, alone, listening to some podcasts and updating this blog.



PS, this is my future bridal bouquet.


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Oops happens.



Oops happens.

And most of the time, oops happens at work.

So that morning, a couple of weeks ago actually, my workmate’s negativity and sino pipiliin mo kami or sila question set my mood on a dark level.

Plus my boss scolded me for something I did not do. Well, I was just asked by a colleague to hand her something cause she was in a rush to do something else. Then boss decides to scold me out of nowhere because of this thing I handed to her – not just once, but twice – because of colleague, still. And said colleague did not do or say anything.





Best friend to the rescue. Good thing she now works in Ortigas. Turns out she was having some issues in the office as well.

It really feels good to bitch about work to someone not from your office.

Hay. Thankful for this creature. Always.






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Seen on Facebook


A friend once asked me the same question. I gave the same answer as OP tweeted.

It’s been about half a year already, pero medyo may sakit pa rin but not as much as before.

The last time I saw him, I was trembling. I couldn’t get over it for weeks.

But that’s probably the last. I think I won’t notice him kung magkasalubong man kami. And I’m happy about it.


Hanggang dito na lamang.

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Processed with VSCO with a5 preset
Processed with VSCO with a5 preset


  1. free
  2. independent
  3. not under anothers control, having liberty


  1. to let go, to let loose
  2. to make free


  1. leisure
  2. free time

It’s been quite a while since the last time I opened this blog. I have so many drafts lined up for publishing but I always chicken out at the last minute.

I thought to myself, will it be worth it? Will it be worth publishing my thoughts online? Will it be worth wasting random people’s time by reading my entries? Will it be worth putting myself out there, again?

I asked myself those questions far too many times a human is allowed to.

But this year, this year, it’s different.

Malaya. Independent. Free.

I would like to believe I am now free from heartaches, pains, and bruises of the past two years. Although I know there are rough roads ahead of me, but I’d like to believe I’ll get through it in better shape, in better form, in better mindset.

Hello, 2017. Nice to meet you.



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the inexplicable urge to push people away, even close friends who you really like

The year 2015 has been the most challenging and formidable year that I have lived so far. This year gave me a lot of bruises and scars that I will carry with me forever.




I’ve endured harsh and upsetting words from my mother because she’s upset that I have to spend one more semester in college, instead of graduating with my batch mates last March 2014.


I’ve suffered emotional and mental turmoil because of the men boys I thought was genuine. I’ve asked myself what and where did I go wrong. I’ve blamed myself for being me; for looking the way I look.

I’ve coped with nepotism and didn’t speak about it until I broke down in the middle of a conversation to a client. I’ve seen this nepotism and politics firsthand. I am the friend of the favoured one. I am the employee that has to exert a great amount of effort to stay where I am and to rightfully earn everything I obtain.



Well, my year isn’t only full of challenging situations. It also had encouraging occasions. For example, I finally received my diploma, got promoted at work, discovered who my real friends are, knew how to stay away from potential danger that is called fuckboys, and etc. Everything made me want to go away, hide somewhere else, not get in touch of anyone and just be with myself. I wanted to push away people and burn bridges with the toxic ones – family, friends, workmates…


Right, so 2015 made me start this blog again. As an outlet of things that happened and is happening in my life.


Hello. I’m Fainah. Nice to meet you.