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To the girl whose heart has just been broken again

(Inspired by a Thought Catalog article)

Once again, it is not your fault that he left you without even saying goodbye. Some people just aren’t meant to stay in your life. They are the temporary ones that come and go. Cliché? I know. But it’s true.

Once again, don’t rack your brain trying to figure out why he left. You can think of a host of reasons, but one thing is for sure, if he was courageous enough, he would have told you why. Honestly and completely.

Once again, you may feel like you need some closure. But sometimes, the only closure you’ll ever need is the understanding that you deserve better. Yes, you deserve better. So let it go. Let him go. Let him be. You are probably better off without him. If not now, someday you will realize that your life is better without him.

Once again, remind yourself that you have been through this before. And you will get through this. Remember those red flags you chose not to mind before? Feed on them. Remind yourself that you are not going to have the bear the problems he bring. The universe worked it out for you. The universe is looking out for you and chose to stray you far from him.

Once again, you are not for him and he is not for you.

Once again, it is not your fault that he feels you are not enough or you are too much for him. You may be intense and passionate or mild and sweet. Maybe he just could not match your intensity or handle your sweetness.

And once again, remember that you are good enough – always have been and always will be – to the one who loves you and accepts you for who you are. He will see this, and he will live for it. He will not take you for granted.

Once again, there will always be people who find you inadequate and cannot love you as much as you love them, but the world is also filled with people who can and will love you fiercely. You are just not for everyone and that is okay.

Once again, respect yourself enough to walk away from someone who doesn’t see your worth. Understand that it will hurt so much; losing the one you love is heartbreaking. You will find it difficult to carry your heart again with a huge hole in it. But honey, fill that space with love. Be gentle with it, especially now that it is broken.

Honey, grow through what you are going through.

You may not know where to start but you can start whenever you are. When you are ready, just take that step however feeble that is.

Right now, it may feel like you are not going to be okay, but you will be. Remember, you’ve been through this already. You are a warrior with scars to boast, not to hide. You will become stronger as the days pass by.

And again, tell yourself that everything will work out, that things will get better and affirm yourself that what is coming is better than what you have lost.

Honey, move on. Your heart will not stay broken. Your heart will be whole again someday.

Believe that there is a happy ending to all of this. Someday, someone will come along and sweep you off your feet and love you, and appreciate you for your beauty, scars, and bruises.

Or maybe, just maybe, your happy ending doesn’t include a guy. It could be just you picking up the broken pieces of your heart, putting them back together and starting over. Maybe your happy ending could just be you, moving on, and finally feeling genuine happiness.

And honey, believe that the best is yet to come.

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A Letter

Found this in the Drafts folder of my personal email.

This is probably the most personal I’d get online.

(Date: Oct 25, 2016)


How are you? I hope you’re doing fine. Just in case you forgot already, you are in your bestfriend’s house, Wena, using her laptop to search for a new job while she sleeps in the couch.
It’s October 25. You are messaging a Joshua you matched with on Tinder. The night before, you made plans to meet him one of these days to have ~dinner~.
So you are looking for new jobs because as early as today, you are already miserable with your job in Robinsons. The workmates are fine. You actually get along with the people beside you and the people who comes by to get water from the nearby water station. Your boss is a-okay. Your job is amazing cause you work in a mall most of the time, not to mention the travel perks you get. But let me remind you again why you are looking for a new job.
You are looking for a new job because you are already miserable. You already lost trust and confidence with the company. Trust and confidence that they will compensate you for the work that you are doing but they did not deliver that. And that is a NON-NEGOTIABLE FOR US, WOMAN. WE HAVE MOUTHS TO FEED.
You are looking for a new job because you want to be able to provide your lola and tita and cousins a better house – a house with a simple living room, at least 2 bedrooms, decent kitchen and comfy toilet. You are looking for a new job that will help you finance this dream of yours.
You are looking for a new job so you can pay off your debts so you’ll have less problems to think of. You are looking for a new job that will let you pay your debts and still have some left enough to contribute to the house allowance and for yourself.
You are looking for a new job that will let you be a 20-something working lady. Your friends are doing those stuff, they may have problems you are unaware about but they are still doing stuff you want to do again.
Fainah, self, always remember why you are working. What are your reasons in looking for this new job. Stick to your reasons and weigh things out. You are only 23, you have so many years ahead of you. Do not mind what other people would say. It’s your life, your dreams, your goals. Just always be humble. Pray to God for guidance and wisdom.
You can do it!
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So last week, I went to a 4-day solo business trip to audit 3 malls in the Panay region.

I have to audit and inspect our malls in Iloilo City, Jaro, and Antique. Everything’s going the way it should be.

I first audited the mall in Iloilo, the next day I went to Jaro and on the third day, I went o Antique to check on it especially since we just opened the expansion area of the mall. The audit and inspection went really well. I reported to the Mall Operations Manager and Chief Mall Architect the raw audit photos in the late afternoon. Then I went around again for the night photos to check on the lights around the mall. I also stopped by for half an hour in the newly opened (first in the town) cinema theatres.

Then I went to the hotel to rest before I head back to Iloilo City the next day for my flight to Manila.

The following day went okay. And when I got to the airport and finished all the check-in requirements, I decided to transfer the audit photos of Antique to my laptop so I can work on it later on. So I connected my phone to my laptop. Previously, I already prepared a folder for this particular mall on the Desktop, named it “RP Antique” which is also the name of the photo folder stored in my phone.

But for some shit luck, I decided to delete first the folder on my Desktop but I instead deleted the folder in my phone.

And now I’m still trying to recover those files. I need help. Serious help.

I’ve downloaded tons of recovery apps but all they do is show me either photos that I already have or the photos I don’t even remember anymore except for the one I actually need.


Btw, I don’t have an SD card, those photos were stored in my phone’s internal memory that’s why it’s a bit hard to recover. But if anybody out there knows how to retrieve those files, please PLEASE let me know. I need all your help 😦

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So you won’t know

I’m pretending that I don’t like you like that, and I bet you don’t even know. Why would you? I’ve put a lot of effort into this charade, and I’m pulling it off with such ease I’ve almost even convinced myself that I don’t like you like that. Sort of like that creepy thing people do when they’re sad and just smile anyway; eventually the smile becomes real, and the forced weirdness just fades away.

So listen, instead of telling you I like you like that, this is what I’m going to do. I’m going to tell you about some other guy I think is hot or who I’ve slept with recently. Maybe I want you to get jealous, but mostly I just want you to get the impression that I don’t like you like that. I’ll probably hit you in the arm when you say something funny, or brush against you as I’m getting a drink at the bar. Maybe I want you to like it, to think about what if I were naked, but mostly I just want to be close to you in the most inconspicuous way possible.

I’ll keep hanging out with you, so you will know I want to be friends, but sometimes when you text, I wont answer immediately, and sometimes I’ll have other plans that I won’t change to see you, because I want you to think that I don’t like you like that. Sometimes I think that if you do like me like that, I want you to feel the way I feel when I think you don’t like me like that — and when I think these things it makes me an awful person, and I wish I could be less vindictive about it. I pretend that I don’t like you like that because I don’t want you to have the satisfaction of knowing that I do.

Right now I’m wondering if you’re reading this and wondering if it’s you, because if you are then maybe you like me like that too, or maybe you just see right through me and my façade isn’t as perfectly curated for emotion as I thought it was. You know we have fun; I see how you laugh when I tell jokes. Sometimes it makes me think that you like me like that too, but it’s not hard to convince myself of my former opinion — that of course you don’t like me like that. So I’m going to keep pretending I don’t like you like that (maybe forever) because I’m terrified that you don’t like me like that in return.

What you don’t know is that sometimes I can sleep at night because I’m thinking about you. I’ll smile about something you said and concoct scenarios in which you’re madly in love with me and we’re vacationing in some exotic location, drinking out of coconuts. What you don’t know is that when other guys, great guys, make passes at me I reject them because I know it’s unfair to give them my kisses when really it’s you I’m picturing kissing me back. What you don’t know is that every time my phone lights up with a text from you, I feel as giddy as a school girl and I tell all my friends, even if it’s as simple a text as, “How you doing?”

And you’re never going to know any of this (do you think that’s poignant or pathetic?) because I can’t stand the thought of you rejecting me. I would prefer to watch you hand in hand with a thousand girls that aren’t me than to hear that we will never be together. I’m going to keep pretending that I don’t like you like that because as long as I am, I can pretend that maybe one day you will like me like that too. Because in this big city, sometimes I feel scared and alone, and while I’m pretending I don’t like you like that, I know for certain that you will always be there for me when I need you, and I’m scared that if you knew how I really felt, you wouldn’t be there for me at all.




(c) Thought Catalog

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Finally had the chance to fly out of Manila for a vacation.

Went to Boracay for the first time, and I must say, the two unpaid leaves I took are worth it.


And I had the time of my life taking these photos.

I always say this, and I will never get tired from saying this: I love sunsets.


The way the sun sets so gracefully, the play of colors in the sky, the comforting warmth from the setting sun, the charm of the city (or in this case, the beach) bathed in cozy ambience. And this time, I got to witness everything with the sound of the waves kissing the shore.

Magical weekend. I can’t wait to come back. Hopefully next time, I’d get to do it alone.

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An introvert’s weekend

As I write this post, my introvert self is half regretting and half glad of how I spent this month’s last weekend.

Started the day buying cake for Miss Jo’s post birthday celebration. Then we headed to Binangonan for lunch and merienda. A lot, and I mean A LOT, of eating happened. We started at 12noon and finished at around 5pm. The only break we got from eating were probably when we were taking photos and playing cards.


We had so much fun we decided to have a photoshoot on the balcony (activities I rarely participate to)


So that afternoon was spent in Miss Jo’s backyard, just purely having fun. But it didn’t stop there! (by this time my introvertedness is a bit kicking in already)

We went to the debut of Sir Jojo’s daughter. Well, debuts have a special place in my black heart as I never got to have one (mainly because I didn’t really want to) and it’s fun watching the debutant have a blast with family and friends.

So, dinner meant buffet-style dinner.

And what else would you do in an 18th birthday party? You rape the PHOTO BOOTH.


And you find that ~wall~ to take pictures of yourself for your next profile picture on Facebook (pleads guilty to doing this haha)

After this party, we went to Cainta for the sleepover. (so tired already at this point. was barely talking na)

Finally got to have some proper drinks after how many weeks. Slept at 3am (Sunday) and woke up at 7am (same day 😦 )

But, I had fun. I think I’ll do all these again after 6 months. I need to recharge.

I can’t be more grateful of this Sunday afternoon – me in my room, alone, listening to some podcasts and updating this blog.



PS, this is my future bridal bouquet.


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Oops happens.



Oops happens.

And most of the time, oops happens at work.

So that morning, a couple of weeks ago actually, my workmate’s negativity and sino pipiliin mo kami or sila question set my mood on a dark level.

Plus my boss scolded me for something I did not do. Well, I was just asked by a colleague to hand her something cause she was in a rush to do something else. Then boss decides to scold me out of nowhere because of this thing I handed to her – not just once, but twice – because of colleague, still. And said colleague did not do or say anything.





Best friend to the rescue. Good thing she now works in Ortigas. Turns out she was having some issues in the office as well.

It really feels good to bitch about work to someone not from your office.

Hay. Thankful for this creature. Always.






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Seen on Facebook


A friend once asked me the same question. I gave the same answer as OP tweeted.

It’s been about half a year already, pero medyo may sakit pa rin but not as much as before.

The last time I saw him, I was trembling. I couldn’t get over it for weeks.

But that’s probably the last. I think I won’t notice him kung magkasalubong man kami. And I’m happy about it.


Hanggang dito na lamang.