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A Letter

Found this in the Drafts folder of my personal email.

This is probably the most personal I’d get online.

(Date: Oct 25, 2016)


How are you? I hope you’re doing fine. Just in case you forgot already, you are in your bestfriend’s house, Wena, using her laptop to search for a new job while she sleeps in the couch.
It’s October 25. You are messaging a Joshua you matched with on Tinder. The night before, you made plans to meet him one of these days to have ~dinner~.
So you are looking for new jobs because as early as today, you are already miserable with your job in Robinsons. The workmates are fine. You actually get along with the people beside you and the people who comes by to get water from the nearby water station. Your boss is a-okay. Your job is amazing cause you work in a mall most of the time, not to mention the travel perks you get. But let me remind you again why you are looking for a new job.
You are looking for a new job because you are already miserable. You already lost trust and confidence with the company. Trust and confidence that they will compensate you for the work that you are doing but they did not deliver that. And that is a NON-NEGOTIABLE FOR US, WOMAN. WE HAVE MOUTHS TO FEED.
You are looking for a new job because you want to be able to provide your lola and tita and cousins a better house – a house with a simple living room, at least 2 bedrooms, decent kitchen and comfy toilet. You are looking for a new job that will help you finance this dream of yours.
You are looking for a new job so you can pay off your debts so you’ll have less problems to think of. You are looking for a new job that will let you pay your debts and still have some left enough to contribute to the house allowance and for yourself.
You are looking for a new job that will let you be a 20-something working lady. Your friends are doing those stuff, they may have problems you are unaware about but they are still doing stuff you want to do again.
Fainah, self, always remember why you are working. What are your reasons in looking for this new job. Stick to your reasons and weigh things out. You are only 23, you have so many years ahead of you. Do not mind what other people would say. It’s your life, your dreams, your goals. Just always be humble. Pray to God for guidance and wisdom.
You can do it!

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